When Showing Off on The Internet Goes Terribly Wrong

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Most of us don’t tell everyone our business. We know that it's not safe for everyone to know our every move. But somehow on social media, those rules go right out the window.

We instinctively post our achievements online. We seem to have an obsession with showing the world that we’ve gotten the shiny object that everyone else wants.

We tell ourselves that millions of people do it every day and nothing happens to them. …

Surviving does

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I drove past a high-end store called Neiman Marcus the other day.

The huge, glossy wall outside glistening in the lights of the city something I’d usually admire, didn’t have the same effect that is once would have.

I wasn’t at all impressed.

That’s what happens when all the world's symbols of wealth are crumbling right around you.

No matter what the reason is, the focus isn’t on getting ‘nice things’. Once upon a time, the goal was to be able to afford expensive things. Now, not so much.

People just want to be able to afford life right now…

It’s getting obvious

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I came across a movie called ‘The Intouchables’ recently. The storyline was strangely similar to a few movies I had seen around that time (The Upside & The Fundamentals of Caring).

Like ‘The Intouchables’, both movies centered around a wheelchair-bound patient who employs an unqualified caretaker and they unexpectedly become close friends.

But what’s even more strange is that The Upside & The Intouchables in particular seemed like replicas of each other.

The scenes were Identical.

As it turns out there’s a reason for this. …

Why is the art of singing so similar to writing?

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Shortly after I started tutoring English, I was hit with two major revelations:

  1. Being good at writing doesn’t mean you’ll be good at teaching it.
  2. Writing isn’t easy to teach in general.

Writing comes with gray areas. That’s typically difficult for students who didn’t like writing to grasp. They didn’t like the subjectivity. I didn’t have a perfect step-by-step formula for the perfect essay, and that worried them.

The truth is, it produced a level of ‘ambiguity’ they were not comfortable with.

A lot of non-writers fear that. But writers thrive in it.

The same is true of a competent…

You should read it

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Recently I came across a story titled Maybe You Shouldn’t Be a Writer.

Instantly, it brought me back to a time when I was really sensitive about my writing.

At a very dark time in my life, I decided to dust off my dormant-hobby of writing and transform it into a career.

I committed to the process but had no idea what I was doing.

The little confidence I had in my writing was like a zit that was on the verge of being popped. I blocked out anything that had the potential to dissuade me from writing. …

An e-commerce giant with an archaic approach to tech support

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The other day a customer expressed to me how amazed she was by how quickly her Amazon prime groceries were delivered to her, as I handed her groceries to her. She was clearly impressed by the technology involved.

As an Amazon Flex driver, I too marvel at the technology from time to time. Even though I’m mostly busy trying to beat traffic, scanning, counting, and loading packages into my car as well as dodging a parking ticket here and there, I’m aware that doing all this gives me a glimpse into the technology that makes it all happen. …

But I’m better off because of it.

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If you were to ask me in my third year of college how it was going, I’d give you a bland answer like — “it’s going or it’s good” or flat out tell you that I just wanted it to be over.

It wasn’t so that I could finally get a full-time job or because of the stress of studying. It was because I simply wasn’t interested. Instead, I was infatuated with the idea of being an online entrepreneur.

I knew that was something I didn’t need a degree to do.

It all started when I was in an MLM…

Bridging the gap between a writer’s cognitive health and their success

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When I first started freelance writing, I encountered what I thought was a bit of writers’ anxiety. I thought that I could maneuver through it as I did many times before.

As time went on things only got worse. I constantly lost my train of thought mid-sentence and my thoughts were often hazy. It was near impossible for me to write anything coherent.

I knew something was wrong so I did some research. That’s when I stumbled upon the term brain fog a group of symptoms consistent with my experience.

That’s when I started to explore the idea that…

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Recently, I decided to actively pay attention to the quality of my thoughts.

And, I found what I had long suspected was the reason for my struggle with low self-esteem — which is highly demeaning thoughts. I constantly told myself things unconsciously that wore me down, affected my self-image and self-esteem negatively.

While I knew it would be no easy task to overcome this habit, I knew I had to change what I have the power to change and that is my thoughts.

The minute I began to replace negative self-dialogue and thoughts with positivity, I felt more empowered and…

No, it wasn’t absolutely horrible

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I was a doting 20-year-old broke college student when I joined an MLM. Before that, my plan was to complete my four-year-degree, get a job, and live happily ever after. I had no intention of starting a business. Yet, I jumped in headfirst without the slightest clue about what I was getting into. Excited, nevertheless.

Even though I quit eventually, I’m glad I joined. It marked the beginning of my personal development journey. For the first time, I understood the significance of personal development and mindset not only in life but business.

No matter what…

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